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OH LOOK! Another Fitness Blog...

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I know what you're thinking... this chick is going to try and sell me on another quick fix or weight loss plan. The truth- ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOT! In fact, you're probably going to hate what I'm going to tell you about fitness and it's a hidden secret amongst trainers and fitness professionals. You ready for it??? The key to success is STAYING CONSISTENT and patient because true results take time. I know, it's bull shit, but honestly- you can throw all the money in the world into supplements and "5-minute abs programs" and you would probably have better luck planting your money in the ground and hoping for a money tree to sprout. If you really want to spend money and are ready to commit- read that again, ready to COMMIT to putting in the work and time that is necessary to make the changes that you want, you need to do your homework and find something that speaks to you, someone you resonate with, something that is DOABLE for you and your lifestyle. The reason we fail when we start a new diet or workout plan is because most of the time we get so excited that we bite off more than we can chew or we pick things that we flat out hate. If you hate running (like me) DON'T DO IT- you'll fail. If you stay at home with your kids or have a crazy busy work schedule, why would you think an hour long workout class would work for you? I'm not going to type a novel here lecturing you on what to do or what you're doing wrong, I'm here to tell you- be patient, find something that excites you and makes you feel good, that works with your schedule and lifestyle, and most importantly, STAY CONSISTENT- the results will come, it may not start with the weight on the scale, but check in with how your body feels, how your energy levels are, how's your overall well-being? Because, just like fitness programs and workouts- success looks different to everyone and shows itself in different ways so make sure you pay attention to the small stuff and then before you know it- BOOM! BIG RESULTS HAPPEN.

And if you need help and are ready to commit to a program that leads to results- we've got you ;-)

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