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WELCOME to the

If you are reading this it means you have decided to enroll in mom-minutes fitness program, DILLY DILLY!

Now what in the blue hell does this spreadsheet mean and how do I execute this stuff?
(If you are asking yourself this question you are one of many and we are here to help answer this!)

You will see the name of each exercise to the far left of each column, you have the ability to click on the name of the exercise and watch a video demonstration so you have a reference to what you are doing/technique.

There are four columns at the top that will note what week you are on, each program will run for four weeks at a time.

Depending on what week and what exercise you are on will dictate the number of sets and repetitions.

Sets and repetitions listed on the chart will look like this: 3 x 8- 3 is the number of total sets or rounds, while 8 is the number of repetitions of each exercise to be performed for each set.

You have the option of printing each month's program as well so you can take notes of what you did/when. We also recommend saving this program to the home screen of your phone so that you can easily access it. 

Remember, these workouts are to be broken up in your own mom-minutes- piece by piece, conquering each exercise on its own before progressing to the next one.

Now get out there and be great today!

Here's Your Workout Plan

Here's your 5 days worth of workouts and movement goals along with an abbreviation list so you understand the terms in the plan description. Download the PFD below as well to access the exercise video links.

Mom-Minutes Phase 1-2 page 1.jpg

Day 3 Continued

Mom-Minutes Phase 1-2 page 3.jpg

Day 1 Continued

Mom-Minutes Phase 1-2 page 2.jpg

Day 4

Mom-Minutes Phase 1-2 page 4.jpg
Mom-Minutes Phase 1-2 page 5.jpg

Day 5 continued

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