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MOM-MINUTES Monthly Program

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Welcome to the Mom-Minutes Family! We're so excited to have you! A little breakdown as to how this program works, each week you will be provided with 3 days of exercises + 3 days of movement goals + rest days. You can break up the days however will work best for your schedule. The main goal is to make sure you are getting through all the moves in a day. The exercises repeat as the weeks go on allowing you to see and feel the progress you're making as you move through the month. Exercises can be done all at once or via mini sessions as you'll see listed. Mini sessions are 3 exercises done in their complete rep and round count before moving on to the next block (example: week 1 day 1- perform the first 3 exercises in their completed rep count then repeat for an additional 2 rounds before moving onto the next block). You can complete these mini sessions throughout the day and before you know it, you'll have an entire workout done before your head hits the pillow! Now get out there and get moving Mama!


3 Plans Available, From $19.00/month


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